A vacuum cleaner: a must-have home appliance to maintain your beautiful home designs

o-CLEAN-HOME-facebook You have a beautiful home and nice furniture designs making your home comfortable and further boosts your mood in appreciation for your effort. Maintaining the color and cleanliness is another task. A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool to ensure dust and dirt are kept at bay since they may have other health complications even in the bathroom too.

When you have a month –long vacation and your house is just locked, immediately you enter the house – if you are allergic then you cannot control the sneezing and coughing. Imagine if you just stay in the house and do not clean it. Will it portray the beautiful design?

Why is vacuum cleaner a must-have home appliance?


Irrespective of the size of your home, your wall-to-wall carpet remains spotless with a hand-held vacuum cleaner. The flexibility of the appliance supports massive cleaning and does not affect its durability.

Light in weight

You will never get tired when handling a vacuum appliance since it small and made of a light material for all your cleaning needs. Some of the designs are sparkling since there is no dirt settled in them, otherwise, you may wonder if it is really the material for your furniture.

Running performance

The simplest vacuum cleaner just needs contacts in seconds to ensure all the01-decorating-mistakes-wall-art dirt is removed from the home. However, different brands have different current flows. The higher the power consumption the better the performance; but the higher the power bills.

Buy a vacuum ideal for home use because of the electricity level, most commercial vacuum use three-phase electricity supply while most homes are connected to a singles mains power.


A good vacuum has accessories such that even of you connect it in the main socket which is usually on the lower part of the wall, the nozzle is elastic and can reach the upper parts of the wall with ease. In addition, some of them come with added advantages like soap cans and sprayer cans such that it cleans, disinfects and sprays at the end of the cleaning exercise, your home smells fresh and beautiful all the time. This helps to maintain the face value and prevent constant home maintenance tasks like painting since they do not interfere with the types of paints.

The nozzle takes different shapes for cleaning all the parts of your home, whether joints or inside the couch that is prone to accumulate dust.

Ideal for daily and weekly cleanup

The hand- held vacuum support quick cleaning tasks without taking much time. You do not have to wait for a weekend to do all the cleaning, the appliance supports some simple tasks which could be a cause for dirtying your home designs.

Kids can spill tea and snacks on your carpet, instead of making it become a permanent stain, fix a vacuum, in seconds all the stains are out.

Maintenance of your home design depends on your hygiene levels. With a vacuum in the home, excuses of a busy work life balance is just a sign of laziness in house cleaning.