DIY Furniture for Newly Marriage Couple


A wedding iselizabeth already a pain in the budget. Don’t forget the expensive reception. If you want to save more money, instead of buying new furniture, you can spend time with your new husband/wife to make your own furniture, with your own designs. Here is a guide on how to perfectly execute a couple’s DIY project.


Bed. Of course, the bed is important for newly wedded couples. It’s a great furniture where you can enjoy a soundless sleep with your wife or husband. Therefore, make sure making the bed frame can hold the weight of both of you.

Tables. Tables are one of the easiest furniture to make for DIY projects. But, you can still inject some creativity to make it more attractive.

Chairs. There are no use for tables if you don’t have chairs to sit on! You can cover the seating with leather filled with comfortable filling to make it more likeable to sit on it, especially for a long time.

Sofa. You may think that creating a sofa is difficult, but with two hands, I’m sure you can make the best sofa set! Just look for tutorials online and follow the instructions.

Cabinets. You’ll need cabinets to put your clothes and other belongings after moving in together in a new house. Your cabinet is probably made out of wood, so don’t forget to varnish it.


Speed Square. This is a great tool to ensure that the line you drew to be cut is exactly 90 degrees.

Table Saw. A table saw features a fixed blade within its overall structure, responsible for creating rip cuts, which are more accurate than a circular saw. The Portable saw is recommended when you are doing a DIY project for more convenience. You can use this to saw long and large pieces. Loving the table saw’s feature to perfectly design bedrooms.

Detail Palm Sander. There are many rough surfaces you can smooth with this equipment, such as sanding down the edges of a table.

Air Compressor and Brad Nailer Set. You won’t just need it once, you might even use it for your next projects with your husband/wife.

Mitre Saw. This DIY tool lets you quickly and precisely cut at various angles with its mounted