Elizabeth’s passion about motorcycle

Motorcycles are not only for men. Women now a day are riding motorcycles too. Being passionate about interior designing has created a big space in my heart but now, riding a motorcycle is slowly creating its own space too.

It started when I felt the urge to keep my hands on a client’s project and I thought I needed to select the perfect materials for that certain design myself.  I never thought I would love riding a motorcycle from that day forward.

Riding a motorcycle has made my job easy for canvassing prices of materials from one shop to another; making sure that the materials I would be getting are perfect and yet cheaper. I can never be lost for it has a GPS feature, this feature has made it easy to go to the right direction.

Many women say that “Good shoes take you good places”, I guess my opinion says otherwise “A motorcycle can take you to good places”. It will give you the opportunity to travel to any place on your own and be stress-free.

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your helmet and ride on. Feel the warm breeze as you ride a motorcycle. Experience and feel the beautiful life coming towards your way.


insane motorcycle rides