Ideas on Designing a Toilet Room

Planning on renovating your toilet room? Before you rush into decisions, read some of these great ideas so you won’t have to suffer from a toilet room you won’t ever like. (It includes finding a toilet that fits your design)

Splash Some Pink

If you decide on sticking with a white color for your toilet room, it could feel airy and bright. For a modern feel, you can hang a pendant and tug in modular storage pieces.

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Add Unique Pieces of Furniture

You can add personality into your toilet room by adding attractive distinct pieces of furniture. If you don’t have closets or cabinets inside, you can add a beautiful display cabinet to hold towels or additional amenities, such as shampoo, soaps, or rolls of toilet papers.

Space of Green

For a cooler and regenerating atmosphere, enclose your tub with floor to ceiling tiles in colors green.

Shades of Gray

Thanks to Christian Grey, we now know that combining white and gray gives your toilet room a modern appearance. Picking large square tiles will make the person believe that it is more spacious than it actually is. But remember, maintain minimal accents so that the room feels smooth and uncluttered.

Slim Storage

You probably have a lot of things to stack in your toilet room, from brushes, bottles of shampoos, hand sanitizers, bars of soaps and small towels. You can keep them all organized in a slim storage furniture that has all the requirements needed for your household items.

For smaller toilet rooms, we also have ideas on how to make it look stylish and bigger at the same time.

Install a Corner Sink

There are times where even a pedestal type of sink interrupt the one and only traffic lane in your toilet room. In this certain situation, you can install a corner sink from the toilet is better than putting at across your shower. If your shower has a door, it can be a little bit awkward when you open or close it.

Pick a Washstand with Towel Bars

A lot of homeowners adore a washstand with towel bars because it allows them to conveniently hang wet towels. Added to that, you don’t have to install other towel bars around the walls of your small toilet room.

Hang a Towel Bar on a Door

If you don’t have enough space on the walls, one way to still have towel bars is to hang a single long one at the back of your door. You can still your other towels near the toilet room for easy and convenient access.

Install a Shower Curtain

Obviously, a shower curtain that you can push side to side is a better space saver compared to a glass door that you’ll have to push forward and backward. If you want to have both shower and tub, there are actually a lot of them available, which is efficient for toilet rooms with small spaces.

Use a Single Large-Scale Wall Pattern

An example of a large-scale wall pattern is wide stripes of white and brown. This type of pattern tricks one’s eyes into looking at an expanded area. The dimensions might be the same, but it will feel and look bigger for toilet room users.