Interior Designs Based On Your Personality

eliz personality

Our personality affects every decision in our lives. It has a great influence on how we choose our friends. It’s very crucial when we pick a career. It’s an indestructible part of shaping the way we live our lives. It’s even dominant in the way we choose materialistic things, from cars to interior design for our houses, working places and basically everywhere we inhabit. There is no surprise that the interior design has everything to do with our personalities. Here are some interior designs and their corresponding personalities.

POP ART, For the Complex, Mysterious Individual

Ultimately, Pop Art is a cool interior design. This style is extremely stylish, sophisticated, and very daring. Using daring colors and unorthodox art items is nearly obligatory. It’s a design that has a complete story behind it, with each piece significant. Pop Art design allows you to read an individual through his/her furniture displayed. Each piece and detail can be shown as a part a history in a homeowner’s life. He appreciates his or her affinity and camouflages his personality in a good manner.

MINIMILASTIC, For the Introverted Perfectionist

Unlike what most people believe, an interior with a minimalistic design is agonizing for a lot of homeowners. Simply put, this type of interior design, it’s a style that represents a very orderly and methodical homeowner, with a definite pattern when it comes to the design. Weeks before executing a certain design, he or she thinks and knows of a move. Basically, everything must be consistent with the main plan. A minimalist interior design represents a daring but shallow attitude when it comes to the design.

CLASSIC, For the Charming, Rigid, and Upright

Whoever is living in a place with a classic interior design, he knows how to give respect to unfailing beauty. He or she is aristocratically stylish, with a big interest in culture, politics, and the history. A piece in his or her interior design shows a part of history, with a transparent origin. Also, this type of style shows a rigid personality, which is a character you seldom see nowadays, an extremely difficult one. For the homeowner, an unwritten book of rules exists for his or her life.

SHABBY CHIC, For the Charismatic, Nature Loving, and Highly Social Artist

This type of elegance is defined by sophistication. The person living in a place with a Shabby Chic Interior design is certainly a jolly, enthusiastic, affectionate, and social individual. He or she is very hopeful, and always attempts to infect this fine attitude in his or her social groups. The homeowner seldom picks new furniture and rather focuses on his life. He or she has an artistic eye, and he or she definitely knows what he wants. For a person with this type of interior design, a collective memory is very crucial. He or she supervises the aesthetic values and quality of the furniture with them getting missing. It’s a style that is very difficult to control, with lots of colors texture being disastrous to this type of interior design.