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3 Hacks to Make Your Room Look Spacious

You don’t have to renovate your whole room to make it look bigger. There are actually quick and affordable adjustments that are effective in doing so. Here are 3 hacks on how to make any small room seemingly look bigger.


People tend to forget that they can make their room bigger through their room storage and spaces on their walls. One way is to clear the clutter and store what you use. What if I use all of them? Then get rid of the things you haven’t used in a year or so. You can add shelves to your walls so you can keep an open space. You should also use tables with storage compartments.

The second way is using storage height to your advantage. You can do this by keeping your wall shelves closer to the floor, or hanging them closer to the ceiling, but never put them in the middle.

Another method is using your ceiling, which is basically the biggest space in your room and mostly underused. If possible, you can hang things from the ceiling. Also, to make your room look bigger, make sure that the paint is a contrasting color which is a little darker to the rest of the paint in your room.


There are many ways to use your furniture to make your room look bigger. One is by rearranging them. When you have a small room, all of the things inside are important. When you arrange your furniture to give a space on the floor, you’ll be able to give the illusion of making it look bigger. If you have big pieces of furniture, the smart way to do is to move them near the edges instead of the middle.

Another way is to make a small room scanty. Obviously, a room with more furniture will make it smaller. Maintain a tidy and organized room by just adding the furniture that you really need. For example, a bedroom will need a bed and a closet or drawer for the clothes. Also, avoid hanging too many paintings or illustrations on your wall.

Also, you can use hidden storage and multi-purpose furniture pieces. There are beds that have drawers underneath for your clothes. There are also beds that can change into a couch.

Last but not the least, keep your furniture open. Open pieces of furniture include chairs open legs, tables with glass tops and etc.


Aside from the furniture, you also need to think about the color and light used in the room. You need to remember that dark colors transform a room to look smaller, on the other hand, lighter shades make it look spacious.

For the lighting inside the room, you can keep it generously lighted using the windows. You can use curtains that allow the sunshine to pass through. You should also use floor or table lamps instead of ceiling lights.

Another unusual but effective way is using mirrors, which makes the smallest room seemingly look bigger. Mirrors have the capacity to reflect natural and artificial light to brighten your room.